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Our commitment to enhancing individual and community health through the delivery of a comprehensive, cost effective and integrated system of behavioral health care is evidenced through our programs and services. It is through this system that Connections promotes wellness, healing and quality of life. We currently serve just under 6,000 individuals of all diagnoses, across all ages in the lifespan in numerous unique programs. Consumers of Connections receive experienced, evidence based, and best practice treatment, across several levels of outpatient care customized to meet their unique needs. Our programs are staffed with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide a holistic and collaborative approach to care. Each program offers the following core services: comprehensive behavioral health assessment, Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST), counseling, peer support, and pharmacological management.

Comprehensive Assessment

The assessment begins with the initial call into the Agency by the consumer or their family member. An assessment is completed on all new referrals to Connections and any consumer returning to the Agency for treatment. The comprehensive assessment includes a medical/physical screen, psychosocial history, presenting problems, treatment history, alcohol and drug history, and financial assessment. All mental health consumers receive a comprehensive assessment to establish a diagnosis, evaluate the nature and extent of the consumer's personal, social, and community functioning, and to provide service and treatment recommendations. +back to top+

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

CPST Services include a wide range of interventions with consumers, their families and caregivers, and other service systems. Services are designed to promote the improvement and maintenance of optimal personal, social and community functioning of persons with severe and persistent mental illness (SMD adults and SED children and adolescents). The goals of CPST are to provide psycho-education to improve: psychiatric symptom reduction and stabilization, access to benefits and resources, independent living skills, attainment of education and employment, and maintenance of stable housing. +back to top+

Behavioral Health Counseling

Counseling services are designed to address a wide range of psychiatric and emotional issues. Staff are licensed and trained in assisting consumers in coping with depression, anxiety, stress-related disorders, and relationship issues, as well as psychiatric problems which are further complicated by substance abuse. Counseling is available on an individual basis or in group sessions for all consumers and their selected family members throughout the life span. +back to top+

Pharmacological Management Services

Connections provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management, education, and monitoring by a team of psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, RNs and LPNs who work collaboratively as part of our "clinic model." The goal of pharmacological management includes: providing comprehensive medical psychiatric management and treatment of the client, working collaboratively with the other members of the treatment team of professionals involved in the consumer's care, and providing clinical consultation to Agency staff. +back to top+

Peer Support Services

Provided by staff members who are in recovery themselves, Peer Support bridges the gap between traditional mental health services and areas critical to recovery. Peer Support provides a multitude of services depending on consumers' unique needs. These services include facilitating self-help groups, peer mentoring, peer advocacy, and providing socialization opportunities by helping to build informal support systems, and engaging consumers in agency sponsored activities and committees. Peer Specialists help to instill a sense of hope and empowerment, personal responsibility, education, and self-determination in consumers and provide a road map for recovery, leading to positive outcomes and enhanced quality of life for our consumers. +back to top+