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Music Therapy for Perinatal Depression

Principle Investigator: Susan Hatters Friedman, MD

This study will evaluate use of music therapist lullaby groups for women with perinatal depression and mothers with depression who have toddler children. It is anticipated that through participation in the lullaby group, mothers learn to use music for better self-expression and coping, as well as relaxation and calming for children, and to better bond with their children.

Multidisciplinary Case Collaboration Approach by Managed Medicaid and Community Mental Health Agency Staff

Research Partners: Buckeye Community Health Plan / Cenpatico Behavioral Health and University of Akron

The purpose of this study is to empirically evaluate the effect that a coordinated multidisciplinary team of managed care and community mental health agency staff has on client satisfaction, treatment compliance, psychosocial improvement, and bio-psychosocial cost reduction (including cost savings related to physical and mental health care).

Ziprasidone Switching in Response to Adherence and Psychotropic-Related Weight Gain Concerns Among Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Principle Investigator: Martha Sajatovic, MD

Physicians of University Hospitals Case Medical Center (UHCMC) and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Department of Psychiatry want to find out how switching to ziprasidone from a drug that causes weight gain concern affects treatment adherence, drug attitudes, satisfaction with care, and overall improvement of symptoms for people with bipolar disorder.