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Connections has embarked in a collaborative research study partnering with Buckeye Community Health Plan/Cenpatico Behavioral Health, and the University of Akron's Doctoral Program in Counseling. The purpose of this study is to empirically evaluate the effect that a coordinated multidisciplinary team of managed care and community mental health agency staff has on the following outcomes: client satisfaction, treatment compliance, psychosocial improvement, and biopsychosocial cost reduction (including cost savings related to physical and mental health care).

Potential implications of the study include (1) concrete determination of effectiveness and/or areas for improvement of current multidisciplinary team approach community mental health centers and managed care companies, (2) increased treatment compliance with both medical and mental health services, resulting in fewer visits to hospital emergency rooms or inpatient psychiatric units, (3) lower long-term expenditures related to mental and physical/medical health care for clients enrolled in managed Medicaid health plan, and (4) initiatives towards a "best practice" model in the delivery of clinical care from a fiscally responsible venue between community mental health and managed care.