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Letters of Gratitude to Connections -

Some of the things that our clients and their families are saying about Connections and our devoted staff.

I just wanted to let you know that I just met a patient here at Metro that lives at Hitchcock Center for Women and she praised your garden, stating that it has been very therapeutic for her just to watch everyone working and harvesting crops.  She has lived there for the past year and states it is very calming.

Excellent work guys!

Kristen Dietrich, MSSA, LSW
Intake Liaison Worker
Adult Psychiatry

An email regarding our pharmacy.
A huge thanks from Dawn Rawlings to our pharmacy who helped out in accessing meds for a client to ensure she was able to move in to a group home.   This client had a medical condition and needed medication or the group home would not accept her.  No income, no insurance and no options, our pharmacy worked hard to ensure that she was taken care of and move into her new home rather than being shipped to a shelter.
Nice job!!!

A guardian of one of our clients expressed much gratitude and appreciation for our front desk staff (Lisa Hayes and Frances Byrd) and also for Alberto Martir, as well as their nurse (Linda Taylor). The guardian shared how “excited” they were to be able to have the peer support services again, and also stated how the front desk staff members are always “nice and helpful” whenever they call or come in.

To All,

I must bring this to everyone’s attention since we always hear when staff does something wrong but the praises when staff does things right are few and far apart.
This morning I had a voice mail that gave praise to two of Connections employees. First the patient states she has been in the system for years and has had many of Counselors but Caroline Coreno is one the “BEST” that she has ever had and she has had many.  Good job Caroline!!!!!!!
This patient further stated that Earnese Hill is ” WONDERFUL”. She says Earnese does not waste time and moves at a great pace and she did all the things that Earnese asked her to do and know she feels that her and her son will not be homeless and that things will be alright. Good job Earnese!!!!!!!  
I think both of these ladies has done Connections: Health*Wellness*Advocacy proud and we thank you both for a job well done.

Pam Holmes

Hello Esther,
I write this email with a bitter-sweet sentiment.
Jill Martin has been my brother's case manager for the last few years.  She has been the most professional, compassionate, wise and caring person we have had the pleasure of working with. You are so insightful to see what a wonderful employee you have in Jill and have promoted her for her abilities and expertise. This is what is bitter-sweet.  We are so happy for Jill but find ourselves sad that she will no longer be so involved in the life of our brother Paul and ours as well. Your organization does such tremendous work for those who need help so desperately.  THANK YOU!  I congratulate Jill on her promotion and I know she will continue to be more than an invaluable asset to you.  I’m sure her wonderful attributes will flow down to those working for her which will allow good things to happen to their clients.
Thank you and kindest regards

Urban Goodness is Connection's therapeutic garden that began last Summer.  For now it is 100' x 100' plot on the grounds of Hitchcock Center for Women, but soon we hope it will aspire into a mini-Hopewell.  In fact last week I visited Hopewell, a therapeutic farm community for adults with mental illness, along with a regular Urban Goodness volunteer last year and is now a Peer Support Specialist with our agency.  The purpose of our visit was to reinvigorate us and to get a better sense of how to go about recording outcomes. 
When we returned to the W. 25th office I ran into a parent of one of the regular Urban Goodness volunteers.  I sat with her to say hello but after a couple of minutes I noticed her tearing up as she talked about her daughter's transformation since joining the garden.  I asked if I could record some of her comments that I could use as outcomes to show that Urban Goodness works and here is what she said as she wiped away many tears:
"It has been a miracle for my daughter to be involved in Urban Goodness.  It's a miracle!  She talks about the garden with such pride.  Its a blessing that she got involved in the garden/Connections.  I came by the garden one day and picked my own vegetables.  Thank you for what the program does for her.  It's great that this program exists for my daughter and people like my daughter.  Thank you and God Bless you from the bottom of my heart.  It's a miracle from God.  She was in a dark place and now she is in a place with light and hope.  I want to thank all the people involved in this program.  God Bless all of you.  I don't know where she would be if it wasn't for people like you.  I saw my daughter at her worst and now she is at her best."

This week I received a voicemail from a consumer who was extremely pleased with her current case manager, Holly Klesta.

Here’s what the consumer left me on my voicemail:

“She’s done a spectacular job.  Holly returns my voicemails and ‘we get done all the stuff we need to get done.’  She has been instrumental in getting me on a straight path;  she has lifted me out of an abysmal abyss.”

Good work, Holly!!

James Wolen, LISW-S
Program Manager
Connections: Health*Wellness*Advocacy

Dear Lisa Leopold,

I just wanted to thank you for helping me with housing, shopping and everything in general. You've been very kind to me and I'll never forget you.  May God fulfill all your desires in life.

Sincerely Yours,

From: Clients Family
To: Connections
CC: Bernardo Lee

Dear Sir:

       We the Clients Family would like to sincerely thank your for appointing Mr Lee as our case manager.  Mr Lee was assigned to us on short notice and went beyond the call of duty until the job was completed.  We appreciate all of his efforts and kindness in this matter.  Mr Lee has truly made a difference.

The Client's Family.

Dear Ms. Pla,

I’m writing this email to express my sincere thanks to Connections for providing my brother with the most wonderful case manager in Jill Martin.

My brother has been a client of Connections for many years and has had many case managers, some OK and some not so good.  However, when Jill Martin was assigned to my brother it re-instilled my faith that there are exceptional people doing exceptional work for those that need it the most.

Jill has been the most professional, intelligent, kind and considerate case manager that my brother has ever had.  She always has his best interest in mind and always makes herself available to discuss the mental health needs of my brother.  She is to be commended for her superb efforts.  

I see her professional caring not only for my brother but for her other cases that live in the same group home as my brother.  She is highly respected by the group home owner as well.

I feel it is so important for you to know how I feel about one of your employees.  We are very grateful for Jill.
Thank you for your efforts in having such highly professional and caring people on your staff. 

Sincerely, Client