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Connections: Health•Wellness•Advocacy is proud to announce a recent $40,000 grant over two years from the Woodruff Foundation to support the development of a primary care clinic in partnership with University Hospitals Department of Family Medicine.  This clinic will assist Connections to: 1) achieve long-term, agency-wide viability, 2) pro-actively meet State of Ohio Health Home requirements, and 3) continue to provide the highest quality behavioral health care services to its consumers. The clinic will be located at the agency's Beachwood location to allow for highest accessibility of its consumers and convenient, co-location with the organization's in-house, closed-door pharmacy.

Connections: Health•Wellness•Advocacy has been the recent recipient of several generous grants from local foundations all aimed at assisting the agency and two of its Shared Services Organization partners (ORCA House, Inc. and Hitchcock Center for Women) in the development and purchase of an Electronic Health Record.  These foundations include:

  • The Cleveland Foundation ($250,000);
  • The William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation ($50,000); and
  • St. Luke’s Foundation ($100,000).

Thanks to these local funders, Connections, ORCA House and Hitchcock Center will be able to assist in the development of and purchase a state-of-the-art, cloud-based, integrated Electronic Health Record, created by Efficient Enterprise Engineering, Inc., of Tempe, Arizona.  Securing such an Electronic Health Record will help all three agencies meet one of the primary requirements for healthcare agencies as stipulated under the Affordable Care Act.  The new Electronic Health Record is currently in the development, data export, testing and certification phase and should be ‘live’ for use by all three agencies by no later than July 1, 2013.